Minggu, 11 Maret 2012

Visit Klaten

Sesungguhnya, kabupaten Klaten memiliki alam yang sangat mendukung untuk bidang pariwisata. Letaknya yang berada diantara kota Jogja dan kota Solo memungkinkan para wisatawan mampir untuk mengunjungi tempat-tempat wisata yang ada di kabupaten Klaten. Menjadi jalan penghubung antara dua kota besar tersebut.
Klaten juga banyak memiliki bisnis rumahan, dan juga bisnis-bisnis lain yang menghasilkan suatu keuntungan yang lumayan besar. Dari konveksi, makanan, tempat makan dan lain-lain. Para masyarakat klaten bisa memanfaatkan dari segi tempat yang sangat strategis, ini sangat mendungkung apabila mendirikan usaha yang di Klaten. Setidaknya akan menambah penghasilan perkapita kabupaten Klaten, dan mewarnai bisnis yang ada di Klaten, agar kabupaten klaten dapat di kenal seluruh wilayah Indonesia, menarik para wisatawan untuk datang ke Klaten.
Kota klaten belum seperti Jogja dan Solo, belum terjadi kemacetan yang menghambat perjalanan, jalan-jalan di klaten masih kondusif, sehingga cocok untuk tempat wisata keluarga.

"Klaten Bersinar"

Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Obyek Wisata Mata Air Cokro and Yaquwiyu Tradisional Event

Obyek Wisata Mata Air Cokro (OMAC),  has an area of ​​15,000 m2 ± sidelines once stretched arc that flows from north to south, so that visitors would enter these places to walk the suspension bridge that is precisely the appeal of itself from other tourist objects. OMAC with the natural scenery is cool and beautiful, and also here there is a swimming pool, waterboom, shops and cafes to relax the land for a shady resting place in the shade of large trees and chirping birds. Tourism is very crowded when arriving before the month of fasting Padusan many visitors at this object with the belief that fasting will be smooth without any hitch a day namely (H -2). Object of the existing infrastructure of this tour can be achieved through: - Klaten - Karanganom - Tulung - OMAC - Delanggu - Polanharjo - OMAC - Klaten - Jatinom - Tulung - OMAC - Banyudono - Boyolali - Tulung - OMAC Distance ± 17km towards the north of the city is located Klaten Tulung Clark Village District. Broad area of 15,000 m2 Functions As a place of recreation, and water used for drinking water on the initiative of Kraton Surakarta Sultan Pakubuwono to X.

It is ceremony of giving apem cake as alm that hold at Jatinom, about 12 km north Klaten city. The top of the program at Friday in the middle of Sapar (one of Javanese mounts name) after Sholat Jumat (Friday praying).
More thousands visitors from Klaten city and around this make a devational visit to the grave Ki Ageng Gribig, and at the summit of this about +10 ton apem cake well be seized by the visitors at Oro-oro Tarwiyah. It is named Oro-oro Tarwiyah because one upon a time Ki Ageng Gribig brought a hand full of soil from Mecca (Mekah) and Arafah dessert to be planted at Oro-oro Tarwiyah. And then in front of the mosque and this is the park Sendang Plaweyan.

Kamis, 08 Maret 2012

Deles Indah

Deles Indah is a Tourism Object located on the slopes of Mount Merapi feet east ± 25 km from the city of Klaten, Deles village located in Region District Sidorejom Kemalang, with an altitude between 800 m - 1300 m above sea level.
Deles specific atmosphere have the potential landscape of the mountains. Of pure-bred tourist sights can be seen the peak of Merapi with the real views of the city is decorated with a chimney Klaten Sugar Company New gondang & New Ceper company with side by side Rowo Jombor with indah chalk line Mount  Deles Indah view.
But now, since Mount Merapi erupts, beauty is not like the first time in advance. Nearly all tourist attractions, damaged by the disaster.

Rowo Jombor

Rowo jombor located in the Krakitan village, Bayat district is against the background by limestone mountains. Distance of ± 8 km to the southeast from the city Klaten. Wide area 198 ha. Levee length of 7.5 km. Dike width of 12 m. Into 4.5 m. Water Capacity 4 million m3. According to the story of the people since time immemorial (not on the call date and year) there ceremony getekan at Rowo Jombor which coincided with a ceremony at the Sendang Bulus Syawalan Jimbung and until now much visited by tourists.

In the neighborhood there Jombor Rowo Sightseeing:

a. Minangkabau house
This house was built in 1958, when Governor Muchtar used as a meeting place and recreation

b. Recreation Park in Bukit Sidoguro children

c. Gua Gua Kendil and Umbrellas
Namely in the form of natural caves and Umbrella Kendil located in the southern hills Sidoguro.

d. Sendang Bulus Jimbung
This Sendang is located in the Village Jimbung, District Kalikotes.
Sendang 9 m wide x 8 m = 72 m2
Area of ​​1000 m2 area
Inhabited struck named Nyi and Ki Poleng, this place is used for traditional ceremonial activities Syawalan.

e. Also provides a place to eat that are floating in the middle of the lake Rowo jombor, special various kinds of fish food.

Sewu Temple

Candi Sewu
Based on the inscriptions and data architecture, Sewu was built around 782 M-792 M, exactly in the reign of Rakai Rakai Panakaran and Panaraban (a king of the ancient Mataram). And sulking in the stone inscription dated 714 M or 792 M which was found here in 1960, the original name is Manjus'rigrha Sewu Manjusri or house, which is one Boddhisatwa in Buddhism.

Any information relating to Prambanan temple, following various kinds of souvenirs, books to the potential of tourism and tourist destinations around the DIY or Java, tourists can get in the Information Center of Prambanan Temple. Tourists and to make it easier to enjoy all the beauty, provided a series of Mini Train that will surround the Park to the Prambanan Temple Sewu.

In addition, Prambanan Temple Park area also has a Kids Arcades is cool and comfortable, which is often used as a race of birds chirping. The general public can also take advantage of Rama Shinta Camping is available on site for gatherings, family gatherings, birthdays, wedding receptions and school farewell. Camping is available because the parking lot, pavilion, toilets, showers and sports fields that can be utilized. Even here also of available rental tent, speakers, tables, chairs, lighting and art events Reog, Jatilan.

Selasa, 06 Maret 2012

Prambanan Temple

Prambanan Hindu cultural heritage as the largest in Indonesia, Prambanan Temple does have a charm of its own beauty. Because besides the shape of the building and its layout is amazing, Prambanan temple also stores historical stories and legends that really attract tourists. No wonder when the temple is located on the edge of the highway 17 km from Yogyakarta to Solo is a mainstay attractions of both cities.

Temple complex built in the 9th century AD It has three main buildings beautiful architecture as high as 47 meters. The third building symbolizes the Trimurti, the doctrine of the three main deities of the temple of Shiva (God of fuser) in the middle,
Candi Brahma (God of Guardians) in the south, and Vishnu (God the Creator) in the north. Then in front of the main building there are three smaller temples as a symbol of vehicle (vehicle) of the Trimurti. The third temple is a temple Nandi (bull) which is the vehicle of Shiva, Brahma Temple Goose vehicle, and vehicle Garuda Vishnu Temple.

Entering the main temple (Shiva temple) from the north, tourists can also see a statue of a beautiful princess named Roro Jonggrang. According to legend, Roro Jonggrang is the daughter of King Boko who wish to marry by Bondowoso, a man mighty son of King Pengging. Roro Jonggrang who do not love London, trying to reject this proposal by stipulating that made ​​a thousand temples in one night.

With supernatural powers, Bandung agreed terms and nearly managed to finish the job. Roro Jonggrang a panic, trying to thwart the success of this by mobilizing the village women to burn straw and pound rice so that the atmosphere changed as the morning.

Thought the deadline had expired, all the supernatural powers that help Bandung running. No doubt, the work is almost finished finally abandoned. This failure certainly makes Bandung wrath. And because they could not control his anger, Bandung cursed Roro Jonggrang into a statue.

The complete story of the legend of tourists can be seen in the museum building is located within the premises of Prambanan Temple. Because in addition to having a play room Audio Visual film for 15 minutes about the history of the discovery of the Prambanan Temple until the renovation is complete and full pugarnya, this museum is also exhibiting a collection of archaeological objects and jewelry Mataram kings of ancient relics found in Wonoboyo, Klaten.